Haulage in London

Haulage in London

Haulage in London

Transporting goods from one point to another can be a complex and demanding process, particularly if you are moving them into an area that is heavily populated. This is why you should always get experts to help you with planning haulage in London. In London there are many difficulties that a haulage and logistics expert needs to contend with. With this in mind it pays to work with a haulage company who have years of experience and who have made journeys like this many times over.

One of the main issues with getting large trucks and lorries in and out of the capital is the LLCS or the London Lorry Control Scheme. This places restrictions on the movements of any vehicles that weigh more than 18 tonnes. These restrictions are in place at night and during the weekends – two of the most popular times for transporting goods. So with this in mind you need to make sure that the haulage and logistics company that you choose know and understand these restrictions. Failure to comply with them or get a valid permit for traveling within these areas can lead to a large fine with everyone wants to avoid at all costs.

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